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It's November so it's "legal" to play Christmas music....I used to tell our girls ONLY AFTER THANKSGIVING!  Over the years I've softened and it's getting earlier and earlier!  I'm turning into Wal Mart.  

Let me tell you a little story.  I was in a Wal Mart and it was the end of August and a comfy, cozy 115 degrees!   I was heading to the plant department - it's still summer remember - only to be interrupted by the sound of "Here Comes Santa Clause".  I turned around and saw a dancing Santa showing me his moves and singing his heart out!  Disgusted, it reinforced my RULE.....for a time

Now I'm all about the Hallmark movies in October and Christmas Pandora stations before Halloween!  I've turned into a Wal Mart softie!

But never mind me and my silly rules.  Christmas is just around the corner so we've curated some gift sets that I want to share with you.  

A Trio of Color 


$48 (reg.$60)

This set is a great way to introduce your friends and family to A'del or maybe even to treat yourself.  You'll get your choice of Lip Stick shade, Blush and Eyeshadow.  And to make it easier I've compiled 3 combinations that work well together.  

1.  For the Pink Lover at Christmas time!

Oh the quandary!  Like us, you love pink but still want to look festive!  We have the perfect solution!  Berry Lipstick is a lovely reddish shade with bright pink undertone and just works!  

Paired with Cherry Pink Blush for a sweet pink cheek along with Brown Sugar Eyeshadow you're ready for any holiday gathering! 

Choose: Berry Lipstick, Cherry Pink Blush and Brown Sugar Eyeshadow

2..Christmas Morning.  

If you still want to wear PJ's to open presents but want to look great for a photo this is the right combo!  

Choose:  Barely There Lipstick, Dusk Eyeshadow and Peach Blush

3.  New Year's Eve 

Parties abound during the holiday season and New Year's Eve is no exception!  This set will give your lips a pop of bright red color along with a shimmery gold eyeshadow and a lightly bronzed cheek.  

Choose:  Cherry Pop Lipstick, Bronze Kiss Blush, Butterscotch Eyeshadow 

The next four sets are all lotions and skin care!  GREAT for holiday gift giving - no guess work required!

Petite and Body Butter Pair 


Find out all the rage!  This set contains our two hot sellers!  Restore Body Butter and the Petite Skin Care Set.  

Be one of those who touch and smell Restore Body Butter and want more!  And then our Petite Luxury Skin Care Set is the best way to try and travel with our complete skin care system!  

Buying these together saves you $20 too!  $58 instead of $78 if you'd buy them individually!

Face and Body Moisturizing Set


Our best selling Moisturizing Facial Stick for anyone who struggles with acne, dry skin, oily skin or in anything in between.  This oversized lip balm tube has been known to work it's magic on many many faces!  Adding in a Lotion Bar you not only save, you'll be one of the many who have discovered just how amazing solid lotions are!  No added anything - pure oils and butters for a concentrated formula that wins!

$34  Individually price is $43

Whole Body Moisturizing Set 


Get a Moisturizing Facial Stick, Lotion Bar and Lip Balm!  The perfect trio to keep your whole body moisturized!  

Only $36 - Individually it would cost $47

All Five Lip Balm 


Get ALL five of our beloved lip balm in a bundle for only $15!












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