Cleanse and restore balance, heal acne, 

give moisture and hydration to needy 

skin cells with nature's botanical oils.

Our products work hard for you! 

- Arlene Doherty, Founder








Oil Cleansing and Moisturizing

Rose Mask
C&C Mask

"Ancient methods used repeatedly over time can keep the body and skin healthy. That’s why we use clays, minerals, gluten-free grains, natural waxes, non-toxic colorants and skin-breathing oils when formulating our cosmetics."

- Arlene Doherty, Founder


Concentrated Moisture

Solid Lotion

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Concentrated Moisture

They contain no water. Now, water in cosmetics isn't the unforgivable sin, but it does dilute the final product considerably. I understand that some water can be beneficial at hydrating the skin, but not in the same way as concentrated oils and butters. Also the amount of water used in traditional lotions is usually very high.....often the first ingredient on the ingredient list - up to 80%, so I'd rather not pay for water especially if I have a skin problem that I want to address ASAP.

Luxury Line

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Oil Cleansing

Soap or detergent-based cleansing products, the majority on the market, will strip the face of its naturally occurring oil leaving it dry - you know that tight feeling you get after washing with regular cleansers? I used to think it meant my skin was squeaky clean! But I discovered it actually means my skin is terribly dry! And if it's dry this will signal my body to start producing MORE oil in order to combat the dryness that has been inflicted on it yet again...night after's a never ending battle. So if drying out the skin isn't the answer, what is?