Blush - Don't Skip it!

It's been interesting to watch makeup buying trends.  What moves fast.... what sits.  Foundation always moves.  Moisturizers always move.  Eyeliner also moves.  Blush?  Well it sits.... Why do we more "natural" types often leave this important step out of our makeup routine? 

Foundation is a fantastic place to start as it can cover up flaws and even out skin tone but if that's the end to your makeup routine, it can also leave your skin looking monochromatic and possibly even more flat and pale than if you hadn't put foundation on at all! 

Enter - Blush.  

Blush is often that missing piece that can make you go from dull to alive in a few soft strokes!  It can light up a pale and sallow looking face, give the illusion of cheekbones or even make you look a little younger!   

So how to pick the right shade.

A basic rule of thumb is if your skin is light, pick a color that's light.  If you're darker skin, pick a darker shade.  Easy peasy.       

What not to do - Don't contrast your skin tone too much.  It might look OK in a magazine for a pale woman to choose a bright pink blush, but not in real life!  

If you have fair skin choose soft pinks or peaches.  Look at the inside of your lip - if you pick a shade close to that you can't go wrong.  Just be sure to think "light" with your application to keep your look soft.  And then blend, blend, blend.

A'del choices - Pink Melon, Peach 

If you have medium skin, which about 80% of all women do, you're the blessed ones who can wear almost any shade.  Medium shades of pink, peach, mauve and bronze will work for you.  The most important thing to remember is not to pick anything too light or too dark.....we're back to "you're medium." 

A'del Choices - Pink Melon, Rose Petal, Coral Reef, Peach, Bronze Kiss

If you have darker or tanned skin don't be afraid to pick shades that are little darker and brighter.  The color won't even show up if you aren't brave enough.  Those same bright shades that make a fair skinned women like me look like a clown will look soft and subtle on your beautiful tanned skin.  

A'del Choices - Coral Reef, Cherry Pink

Then there's those with olive skin.   You're the gal that has greenish undertones and are the envy of most!  My Mom has this skin tone and she's beautiful inside and out....resembling Sophia Loren, in my unbiased opinion:)  

Pick shades that are warm and earthy.  Nothing "cool".  No bright anything!   You can get away with pink shades just make sure they're a warm pink not a cool pink.  Think coral pink not berry pink.  

 A'del Choices - Bronze Kiss, Coral Reef, Peach

And of course, A'del Cream Blush is free of the typical synthetic ingredients found in most blushes on the market.  And no nano particles either!  It's the perfect holistic solution to add to your makeup routine and applies so easily with a big fluffy brush you'll wonder why you didn't try some sooner! Just apply lightly at first and build as you need to!

Get ready for spring by freshening up your look with a little blush.  We're pretty sure you won't regret it!