Yes! Our products are formulated (by Arlene) and hand made by our team! There is one exception: we teamed up with a fantastic formulator to make our amazing mascara with A’del approved ingredients! It is made in the USA.

If your skin is normal to dry or if you have maturing skin purchase the essential set. If your skin is normal to oily with sensitivities and acne purchase blue lagoon set.

Yes, generally they are. All of our color cosmetics are extremely safe and some of the purest on the market. The only question is with the essential oils and pregnancy. (And to be perfectly honest synthetic fragrances can do a lot of harm…And synthetic fragrances are in a lot of so called natural products!)

But I ALWAYS want people to ask their health care providers as many of them have differing opinions on essential oils. Blue tansy would be the only essential oil I would want pregnant women to be cautious with early in the pregnancy.  But even with saying that we have had many pregnant women use it with no problem. As mentioned, talk to your health care provider with any questions or concerns you may have.

We make no guarantees that our products will heal, reduce or prevent stretch marks. That being said, many of our customers have raved about the results they got during pregnancy with our lotion bars and blue lagoon body oil. 


The eczema healing we have witnessed with our lotion bars is simply incredible! 

We always recommend pairing our cream foundation with our moisturizing facial stick for the best results! 

Our lip balm is sold periodically throughout the year. Keep a lookout for our next drop!


A few things to look for:

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Make sure your cart come to the specified total before adding your free item (if that is the deal)

No, since our deodorant is connected to a subscription service it is excluded from our deals. However, You can subscribe and save with our subscription service and receive your deodorant as often as you want it!