Eczema - What your doctor won't tell you

When Madeline was a toddler she had eczema that would flair up occasionally in the bend of her arms, mostly in the winter.  At that time I didn't know much about healing without medication but when she was about 4 years ago I started seeing a naturopath for my own health issues and he not only started me on the right track with my issues he helped me with Madeline too!  I told him about her eczema and he suggested we take her off wheat and dairy and see what happens.  What happened was that it took away her eczema never to return!  I knew right then that there is so much more to skin health than what is seen on the outside!  As I kept learning about the amazing human body God has designed through my own health journey I realized more and more that the problems we see on the outside aren't actually the real issues.  They are the visible signs that something on the inside needs to be resolved.  Unfortunately no cream can take away the real problem for good.  

We want to do more than just sell skin care and makeup.  We truly want to help people get better!  Toxin free skin care and cosmetics are certainly helping to keep us from overburdening our bodies but I know for some of you, actually most of us from Western civilizations, there's more going on inside that we're simply not aware of.

Eczema issues appear to be on the rise and people are looking for ways of naturally treating it.  We have many customers who are using our lotion bars, body butter and facial sticks with great success but they're only keeping their eczema or their child's flare-ups at bay and from getting out of control, which of course is wonderful but getting rid of this very uncomfortable problem from the inside out is what I'm truly interested in.  

With you in mind, I've been spending some time the past few weeks absorbing information from Rebecca Bonneteau N.C. (UK) in an attempt to try and help some of you that might be suffering from intense eczema. Rebecca, known as “The Eczema Expert”,  struggled personally with severe eczema for many years and discovered how to heal her body from the inside out.  She offers one on one care but also has a free course and a follow-up membership group that you might want to check out if you’re dealing with intense eczema. Her videos are low key but informative as she guides you step by step to getting to the bottom of the problem. The following is what I learned from her free course.  

Has your doctor ever told you this?

1. Eczema is not just a skin condition. It's a result of chronic inflammation.  She encourages you to look at all the symptoms throughout your life - chronic ear infections? Warts? Asthma?  

2.  The body is self moisturizing and shouldn't need extra moisturizers unless you choose to for anti aging, etc.  When the skin is extremely dry or has a rash the body is trying to send us a message.  The body is always desperately trying to rid us of toxins through the kidneys, lungs, liver, colon and lymphatic system and skin but if the first 5 eliminative pathways are only working at 50% our skin takes on the job. 

The cause is not genetics. It's our environment that shows how the genetics will play out.  If we change the environment (diet, air, lifestyle, etc) our general genetic weakness won't show up!  

3.  Emotions.  When your child is "acting out" and has a skin condition you may not simply be dealing with a disobedient child.  Often what you're seeing in your child is an issue with neurotransmitters sending messages to the brain.  If your child is screaming when you're trying to apply a cream, it could be because their body isn't liking it and they "hear" that message from their body and want to scrape it off.  The nervous system is very powerful so timing of cream application is critical.

4.  There are 4 jobs that must be present in the human body in order for it to keep going.  
  • digestion
  • absorption
  • utilization
  • elimination
If any one of these functions are not working properly there will be symptoms.  Eczema, as well as diabetes, MS, IBS, psoriasis and asthma are some of the symptoms indicating that one or more of these jobs is not occurring. 
Rebecca says that if you're not eliminating your waste the body will not heal.  You can take as many probiotics as you like and if the drainage system is clogged you'll never get rid of the issue.  


Getting started on the road to recovery  


1.  It takes time and it takes your time.  Aiding the body to heal from the inside out will not happen automatically.  It takes effort and patience. 

2.  Watch for patterns, not just the skin issues. How are you sleeping?  Do you have allergies?  Is your child having tantrums, ear infections, UTI's or is frequently sick.  Watch for sudden onset eczema, meaning one day he/she was fine, the next day full blown newly developed eczema issues.  This could be caused from a food, a vaccine or a move.  It's never just one thing, it's usually that one thing that is the straw that breaks the camel's back!

3.  Do you have bags under your eyes?  Look at kidneys your kidneys and your adrenals.  They're probably overburdened and need flushing and repairing.  

4.  Start with elimination.  To do this you must improve hydration and not just water.  The body is full of inflammation and is trying to put the fire out so help it out by eating hydrating foods. When the body is inflamed it's acidic.  To fight acidity you need alkalinity.  Minerals are alkaline so to get that fire out you'll need calcium. 

5.  Realize that medications will only block the body from allowing the toxins to come out. The reason your skin is flaring up is because the other eliminative pathways are no longer working optimally so getting back to the root of the issue is imperative.  Also note that steroid creams were only designed to be used for short term crisis which doctors often fail to explain.  The long term effects of steroid creams is worsening an already bad situation.

6.  Be ready to change.  Start with your diet.  Eat hydrating foods which are raw and alive.  Apples, watermelon and juicy fruits help to cleanse the lymphatic system where conventional dairy clogs it!  

So this is just a bit of the information Rebecca has to offer.  The best part is that she realizes it's not a "one size fits all" approach so she walk you through the issues and help you put the pieces of the puzzle together.  

Also I did not receive any compensation for taking the course or for promoting her material.  I sincerely hope that if someone out there is looking for answers to eczema this might be something that helps.  

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