Let us introduce ourselves


Blogging,  I'll be honest, it makes me feel a little vulnerable.  I read the occasional blog....I love some and really appreciate what I'm reading.....and then there's the others.......But despite that, here I am and here you are too. I hope that somewhere in between these words and photos you enjoy hearing stories,  tips and recipes as they relate to health, makeup and all things natural.   

When my cosmetic-making hobby was in the baby stages of turning business,  it was exciting, but another one of those vulnerable times.  I thrive when I'm researching and creating in my little hidden corner.... but starting a business from the ground up was a big step for me and I knew I couldn't do it alone.  Close friends and sweet relatives gently encouraged me to keep going because they just "knew this would work".  I needed all the encouragement I could get, but if it weren't for four people in particular, this business never would have happened.   

I'll start with my personal favorite - my hubby, Kelly.  Kelly has always invested in my crazy ideas and has been my greatest supporter in whatever might be my “latest".....even if at first he would say, "no"....:).  For example, years ago I wanted a milk goat.  I asked husband dear about it and he said "Sure, under one condition....just keep me out of it!"  "Oh yes, oh yes, no problem!  I'll handle everything",  was my quick reply. But in the end he was the one in the barn delivering baby goats in the middle of the night and milking when I wasn't able, building a barn and fence to keep them in...and....and....and....my hero!  So without my sweet man all my crazy ideas would only be crazy ideas milling around in my head!  If it weren't for him our cosmetic business would be nothing. He is the finance and legal expert for all things A'del and if needed, can make some mean lip balm! 

Then there are our two girls.  Lauren and Madeline.  Who would have thought they would want to move away from their wonderful home in Texas to want to work alongside us!  They handle everything from photos to invoicing.  You'll find them researching latest makeup technics, styling shoots, marketing via social media, paying bills, sorting through marketing analysis, labeling products, packaging orders and the most monumental task.....trying to organize me!  They are invaluable!  

Tylan, my son in law, Madeline's husband, works full-time elsewhere, but is always ready to help - especially if it has to do with labeling....and during a basketball game.  I also am suspicious that he occasionally comes up with marketing ideas in his sleep!   He's our biggest supporter and we are so thankful for his input.  

And then there's Winston our Westie.  Even if we're racing around and possibly even a little stressed with getting orders and products ready, we often take a little Winston-time.  

As for me, you'll find me researching everything from new formulations to perfecting current ones, manufacturing all things A'del and handling customer service. 

Life is extremely full, but I am thankful I am surrounded by people who love and support each other.  

Thanks for joining me in this blogging life.  I hope you enjoy the ride!