Luxury Rose Products - It's time to Mix and Match!

Are you wondering about our Rose Luxury Products?  If you are, here's the scoop.    

We added three products recently.  A Rose Mask, a Rose Mist and a Rose Serum.  We love how they work alone or exchanged out with some of the products in the 3-step Luxury Skin Care Program.  

I'm going to break each product down and show you how you can easily incorporate them into your routine.        


First up - our Rose Mask.  Masking 1-2 times a week is a great way to lightly exfoliate and detoxify the skin.  We formulated ours with crushed rose petals!  I just can't describe the smell it creates as we crush them before adding them to the pink clay and rose hip powder.  It's amazing!  And not only does it smell good, it works! Roses are known to be the big-daddy in skin care and this mask delivers.  It gently clears the slate so your foundation looks better, reduces redness and irritation, tones the skin and so much more. I wish I had a photo of my son in law masking the other day with his cute!  But he did it to remove the dead skin on his nose from the sunburn he got at worked!  

So to use it you become your own alchemist.  Fun huh!  Just mix up the dry powder and a little water into a bowl and apply it with an applicator brush or with your fingers.  Leave it on for 5-10 minutes and wash it off.  The 1 oz jar should last you about 3 months if used 1x each week.  

What I do when I mask is first Cleanse with Step 1 of the Luxury Skin Care Line.  Then I apply the mask, wash it off and finish with a Hydrating Spray and a Serum.  Lately I've been hooked on the Rose Line but I could just as easily use Steps 2 and 3 of the Luxury Skin Care Line to richly lock in all the benefits of the mask.      


Next - Rose Mist.  Amazing sounds overused and not the right word to describe the scent of this hydrating mist.   This mist is basically Step 2- Hydrate but with Rose Absolute Essential Oil instead of Lavender Essential Oil.  The benefits of rose are many!  Read all about it here because there are some amazing facts about roses that might be new to you!  Hydration is key to healthy skin so just mist a couple of times after masking so that your serum or moisturizing oil has the best chance of penetrating deep into the skin layers.  You can also use this spray as a body mist or setting spray for your makeup.  You can even spray it on your pillow before bed!  


And lastly, our Rose Serum.  We've infused rose petals, calendula, bladderwrack and ashwagandha into a base of jojoba, sunflower and rose oil for a fantastic facial oil that does it's magic.  I have been an herb girl for a long time so this serum is near and dear to my heart.  I was so excited to incorporate 20 years of experience into this amazing little bottle.  This combination of herbs addresses so many skin concerns.  You can read all about the herbs we used here.   

But the real fun in adding in the Rose Line is in the substitutions!  You can create a customized skin care program with any or all the scents you love!  Let me show you how!


1.  Rose Mist can easily be substituted for Step 2 Hydrate.  I personally have loved this switch!  

2.  Use Rose Mist in the morning and Step 2 Hydrate in the evening with the lavender.  This way you get the benefit of rose during the day and the calming properties of lavender for night.

3.  You can substitute the new Rose Serum for Step 3 Moisturize.  Right now my routine involves Cleanse, Rose Mist and a few drops of the Rose Serum morning and night.   

4.  Customize your own preservative free "liquid foundation" by adding in Loose Powder Foundation.  This is the best tip yet!  

This is what I do.  First I mist the Rose Mist or Step 2 Hydrate onto my face. I don't rub it in.  Then before the mist has a chance to dry I add the Rose Serum or Step 3 Moisturize and gently massage the oils all over my face - excluding my eyes if I'm going to be wearing eyeliner and mascara.  Then before the oils have soaked into the skin I apply Loose Powder Foundation like I normally would.  This hydrating technic keeps my skin from looking dull and dry like it can with Loose Foundation alone.    

So hopefully you know a little better how to incorporate these new Rose products  into your routine.   

We truly think you'll love these products as much as we do!

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