Men and Skin Care

My sweet husband LOOVVVEES using our Luxury A'del Skin Care line.  Yup he does!  Honestly, it cracks me up.  

Back story:  For years his aftershave was Ralph Lauren Chaps.  I think I saw some on eBay the other I'm dating myself to read it right.  1-9-8-5.... But back in the day he always smelled the same....Chaps.  And I loved it.  And over the years he switched things up to Old Spice and I think kept that going for forever and then switched to a more natural skin product.  I'm sure you're loving knowing Kelly's aftershave history......lame.....but when my dear husband turned "natural" I thought I'd try making him something even MORE natural....but this was his reply... "I like to feel the burn after putting in on and yours doesn't give me the burn!"  The burn?  Well......that's what he said.  So I kind of gave up on him and kept working on women...haha..when are women easier to deal with???!!! Only THIS one time....

So back to Kelly.  The three bottles of the skin care program sits on the counter by my sink.  One day he asks me if he can use it.  Of course!  I'm pumped!  I'm still feeling a little insecure about this "burn" thing....and I figure I'll have him try Step 2 because it's easy to spray on and has Lavender in it for a soothing choice:)   "Take this one, honey!"  He sprays it on.  Apparently he liked it....even without the burn......and the way I know this is he was using it unknown to bottle empties rather quickly now...So one day I see him over by my sink grabbing one of the three bottles.  Mistakingly he takes Step 3....I'm watching him while he starts to use it....he's expecting it to spray out like usual but Step 3 doesn't has a treatment pump and is supposed to fall out into the palm of your hand.  So he starts squirting one squirt after another after another after another not realizing that he's got the wrong bottle.....he starts to get frustrated because it's not spraying, it's FALLING (like it's supposed to)  and he's wondering why its not working! kidding....and it's spilling all over his face and onto his shirt and he's so frustrated!  He says, "What is happening???!!  Why is this not working!??"  I have no was so funny and every time we talk about it we women howl.  

But my point is that NOW after that little episode he uses both Steps 2 and Step 3 after shaving and LOVES how it makes his skin feel.  It doesn't even burn!  I can die a happy woman.

We have another customer whose husband uses her Skin Care Set too, unknown to her.  The two of them were chatting one day about the skin care line and in the course of the conversation he said very innocently, "I use one of those bottles too! "   In a panicked tone she asked, "WHAT?, Which one??"  He said, "I use Step 3!"  Then she freaked and said,  "It's the most expensive one!!!!  You can't use that one!!!"  But apparently he still does....haha....!  

So the take home is:

1.  Men can use Step 2 alone as an aftershave or combined with Step 3.

2.  Try the Moisturizing Facial Stick.  Great for the outdoorsmen and perfect as an aftershave as well. (This is what my son-in-law uses).

3.  Lotion Bars are the best choice for skin issues.  

4.  And Lip Balm is a great way to keep their lips from drying out.  And the oval shaped tube stays flat in the pocket!  Take it along anywhere.  

So don't keep these products to yourself...share them with the men in your life!