Personal Thoughts - "But God"

So I have some thoughts....

10 years ago when I started making cosmetics I was in my log cabin kitchen.  We lived on campus as permanent staff at a Bible College in Texas.  Our home was filled with college aged students coming in and out of our home daily.  At that time our girls were still in high school and since we homeschooled them my life was FULL!  But I always made time to learn new skills so our home was always brewing with some new project - from sewing to milking goats, raising chickens, making yogurt and cheese, baking bread, learning about herbs and energetics!   Some of my projects became life long habits - like herbalism - and some lasted only a season - goat milking - much to my husband's relief!  But I never could have imagined how cosmetic making could literally take over my house and my daily activities! 

"But God".....  In Scripture the phrase often referring to something that was lost and now is found.  Something that was dead and now is alive!  God takes something and redeems it.  Ephesians 2:4-5 "But God, being rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us, even when we were dead in our transgressions, made us alive together with Christ."  

"But God" took Jesus and through Him has redeemed me!  He has taken my dead life and has made it alive in Christ!  Jesus is my Hope and there is no where else to turn except to Him.  "But God!"  And I'm so grateful to Him!  So as I read the Bible I see that little phrase is to permeate every area of my life!  All my goals, activities, hurts and desires are opportunities to either accomplish them in my own strength or to let Jesus take them and use them.  If I try to handle them in my own strength they won't bring life, although they might bring enjoyment for a time.  True life comes from giving those activities and hurts, etc to Jesus and letting Him take them and use them as He desires in His strength!  Moment by moment living from Jesus and not simply living for Him!  "But God" is at work every day every hour bringing life out of what's been dead! So yes, even cosmetic making can glorify God if it's Christ at work through me in it!  And I have seen this happen over and over - God took the activities I loved and used them to bless others.  So the phrase "But God" is so powerful!  If He is in the equation there is nothing He can't use for His glory!  

And here is where you come in with a "But God" story.  Many of you have direct messaged us, emailed us and called us to tell us you too are believers in Jesus and that you support us simply because we are a small, Christian business that stand for the same values you do and because of the pandemic there is much more awareness of the need to support small business than ever before.  So through this little thing called "small business" as you're seeking out believing businesses the church is actually helping the church!  "But God"!  The book of Acts in the Bible is so clear in how the church is to operate with each other - sharing what you have with one another, etc., so with the money generated we can support ourselves and not need a "handout" but can also help to support local churches and pastors along with ministries and mission work all around the world! So the Lord has taken something like cosmetic making and has encouraged our hearts with His very Life!  "But God!"  

So thank you for being part of bringing great encouragement to us!



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