Solid Lotion - Your face needs it

Last post was all about solid lotions for the body.  To recap, solid lotions are bars made up of oils and butters held together by waxes.  They work extremely well at retaining moisture because of the waxes and the concentrated oils and butters are fantastic at healing dry or even damaged skin caused from excema, dermatitis and even sunburns.  They don't contain water so there is no need for a synthetic preservative or even an emulsifier - extra ingredients that can easily be left out making the ingredient list very readable.  

We were having so much success with our solid body lotion bars that years ago I started researching oils and butters that would benefit the face.  

Some of my research concerned coconut oil.  It seems that although it's absolutely perfect to use as a body oil, it was questionable for the face because of its high comedogenic rating.....meaning it could clog pores.  For those who struggle with breakouts this could be a problem. So I searched for oils with a low comedogenic rating.  

Borage Seed Oil.  This plant is often grown in the garden to attract bees but when the seeds are pressed from this special plant and the oil is then rubbed onto skin with eczema or psoriasis, it fast becomes medicinal.  Borage Seed Oil has shown to possess natural anti-inflammatory properties and is easily absorbed through the skin.  It's often used as a muscle relief oil and it may bring relief for those who suffer from arthritis.  

Perilla Seed Oil holds one of the highest essential fatty acids (omega 3) contents with 60% Alpha-Linoleic Acid which is integral to proper cell growth.  Another one of the many benefits of Perilla Seed Oil is that it holds antiseptic properties which makes it a good oil to help acne sufferers.  And if you have dry or a little more mature skin this oil passes quickly into the cells bringing nutrition to it right away.   

Cranberry Seed Oil is high in both Vitamin E and Vitamin A and is good for a variety of skin issues from acne to eczema.  It's easily absorbed through the top layers of the skin to provide healing to the underlying tissue.

Avocado Butter and Mango Butter are two exotic butters that provide amazing nourishment to needy cells.  

You probably know the benefits of eating avocados, but the butter is equally amazing.  It has the ability to prevent and heal skin from acne, reduce and prevent age spots, protect from sun damage and more.  

Mango Butter is one of the best for in treating dry skin which eventually cause premature aging. It also may help those who suffer with psoriasis and eczema,  On top of that it might help you treat scars and soothe bug bites!  There's a lot going on with this butter!

And to hold all these wonderful ingredients together we added in Candelilla Wax - a vegan alternative to beeswax with fantastic glide.  

Using this formula has many benefits, but one of them is acne relief.   We've had customers tell us how much their skin has improved since using this fat stick and they can't live without it.  At one of our first A'del parties three years ago, a customer walked in with some of the worst acne I'd seen.  She bought our unique facial stick along with our breathable foundation and her skin started healing.  She was engaged when we met her and three months later at her wedding her skin had cleared so much she was excited for her wedding photos.  She's still a faithful customer today.   

One of our favorite ways to use it is as a Foundation Primer.  The oils are perfect for a smooth application of any of our foundation formulas.  If ever a customer orders samples of our foundation and is struggling with dry patches, I always recommend our Moisturizing Facial Stick and the problem resolves itself!

Another way to use it is as a nightly moisturizer.  Your soft, smooth skin will feel heavenly in the morning when you wake up.

Also you can use these great little sticks for sunburn relief!

Confession time:  Last fall when it was still warm here in the south I was in charge of Grandpa - he has Alzheimer's.  It was such a beautiful day so we went outside.  He sat there and enjoyed the warmth of the sunshine for about 2 hours with a hat (that he took off).  I brought his lunch out there and we picnicked on a very warm November day.  But then in the evening I glanced over at him and asked him if he was hot.  He said no, but his face was bright red!  Horrified I realized he had a sunburn - that I had I quickly put our Moisturizing Facial Stick all over his face (and bald little head).  In the morning all signs of my wonderful "care" was gone!  

This little tube has been our top seller for quite a while now.  You can buy it in Unscented or Lavender.  Of course, our Lavender is only scented by essential oils made by Nature's Sunshine Products which is very pure and perfect to aid in a relaxing night's sleep.  The Unscented is perfect for babies and even men who like to use it as a nighttime moisturizer or after shaving. 

And if you're a snowboarder, skier,  snowmobiler, or someone who lives where it's generally colder than in the deep humid basically everywhere else on the continent......... this little tube might protect you from that "lovely" chapped face while snow playing!  But that's for next year because we're all thinking spring flowers, right northerners?!  (Sorry it's been so cold for you this year!)

We packaged them in oversized lip balm tubes for ease of application and also ease of travel.  You can apply it without getting it all over your hands which is great if you're out and about!  So pop it in your purse or bag and you're all set!  

So that's it, a few more reasons why solid lotions are the way to go!