The A'del team spills their favorite product hacks

One great thing about A'del products is that they're so versatile!  Just because it says step 2 Hydrate on the label doesn't mean that wonderful smelling mist must ONLY be used as step 2 of your skin care routine. We've been using A'del products for different applications for years so today I'm going to spill the A'del team's favorite ways of uniquely using A'del products!  

Let's start with Madeline because she has LOTS of hacks! 

1.  Peach and Coral Reef Blushes. Madeline loves to use these two shades of blush as eyeshadows.  They give a sweet pink or peach highlight to the eyes.  Very youthful!    

2.  Lip Balm. In Madeline's purse is a lip balm like most people, but this tube is not for her little lips - it's for her hands or anywhere else she might need lotion.  She loves this hack because the tube is more lightweight and compact than the large lotion bar tin yet has the same great ingredients as our hard lotion.  She added that she would never ever under any circumstances use that same lip balm tube on her lips because she's a germaphobe:).  

3.  Hand Sanitizer. She has two great hacks for Hand Sanitizer.  She sanitizes her phone on the go by spraying a little of ours and wiping it clean with a tissue.  She also keeps her sunglasses streak and smudge free by spraying and wiping a little on them too!

4.  Blue Lagoon Body Oil. Shaving legs is easy for Madeline when she applies our Blue Lagoon Body Oil like shaving "cream" to do the job!  It gives a smooth, razor-burn-free shave!

5.  Cottage eyeshadow. Madeline uses this shade with a stiff eyeliner brush as an eyebrow filler.  It matches her eyebrows perfectly giving her a full brow while still looking natural.  

6.  Blue Lagoon Face Balm. Even though she's young, Madeline applies our face balm on her neck and chest to keep her looking that way!

7.  Blue Lagoon Hydrate. This is a fairly new hack but she uses it in her hair after washing as a hydrating spray.   The aloe vera and glycerin lock in moisture keeping it from drying out.

8.  Step 3 Moisturize as a styling oil!  I never knew she did this!  That little girl adds some of that liquid gold to the ends of her hair when wet to keep them healthy.  Tylan added that when he's used Moisturize on his hands as a body oil he runs the leftover through his hair and he says his hair holds its shape better.  Now, I have fine and thin hair so this would probably be a disaster for me -  I'm not Rapunzel like Madeline and I'm also not male. :)  Use your own judgment with some of these hacks.  

WHEW!  That's quite a list!  I love that she uses A'del products outside the box!  

Next up Tylan. 

1.  Blue Lagoon Face Balm.  When I asked Tylan I was so excited about this hack.  He applies our face balm around his nose just because it smells so good!  And he thinks it helps him relax and fall asleep easier.

2.  Step 2 Hydrate.  When he's outside on a hot day, which is regular because he and Madeline LOVE the sun, he will come inside and spray Step 2 Hydrate on his face to help cool him off quickly.  He says it works like a charm!   

3.  Restore Body Butter. Tylan tells us that he always keeps body butter in his night stand because when he's outside working hard with his hands he needs it!   

Now onto hubby Kelly. 

1.  Blue Lagoon Body Oil. Unlike Madeline who uses the body oil to shave with, Kelly uses this luxurious oil as an aftershave.  I have always known Kelly to have sensitive skin that tends to leave itchy razor burn - ouch - but for years now he's used our body oil and it does the trick by leaving his neck comfortable and soothed and smelling great!  

2.  Lotion Bars and Lip Balm. Kelly is not quite as much of a germaphobe as Madeline so he'll swap out lotion bars for lip balm and vice versa in order to get the job done!  Dry lips?  Slap on the nearest lotion bar!  That's Kelly!

Almost there - Lauren. When I asked Lauren to share the unique ways she uses A'del products she started laughing.  Yup laughing.  The reason?  She said that she's SUCH a rule follower with labels that she can't imagine using any product as anything but what that label specifically states!  We all got a good chuckle out of that!  But she did have a couple of ideas to share.  

1.  Moisturizing Facial Stick.  When Lauren is living on the "wild side" and has the common cold which causes a lot of blowing she'll apply our moisturizing facial stick to keep her nose from looking like Rudolph by the end of the yucky experience.  

2.  Dark Brown Eyeliner - Lauren sometimes plays it "risky" by using our dark brown eyeliner as an eyebrow filler. 

(We love to give Lauren a hard time...can you tell?) 

And lastly, me. 

1.  Restore Body Butter or Blue Lagoon Face Balm - My favorite hack is to apply one of these products on my lips as lip gloss.  It looks great, is moisturizing but not sticky.  

And here's a recyclable tip.  Reuse those little sample containers we're always sending you with your orders by cleaning them out with a little rubbing alcohol and filling them with the body butter or face balm for on the go lip shine!   

2.  Step 2 or Blue Lagoon Hydrate -  Since moving from humid Louisiana to dry Texas my hair has suffered.  So, like Madeline I started spraying one of our hydrating sprays in my hair daily and my hair dresser is noticing the difference.  

3.  XO eyeshadow.  I do a little XO over any of our lipstick shades with my finger.  You won't believe how beautifully bronzed your lips look afterwards!   

And we've said it many times but all of us have grabbed a Lotion Bar or a  Moisturizing Facial Stick when we've been careless in the sunshine!  It really helps keep away that dreaded peeling after a sunburn!  

There are so many more we could share but honestly I'd love to hear your A'del hacks so please comment below!