The skin within effects the skin without

You might be wondering if I've lost it.  Well, you're not the first..😂

The skin within?  The skin without? What am I talking about! 

Did you know that we actually have two "skins"?  The outer skin we see and the inner skin we don't see. The outer skin is obviously the skin we can touch and it's what we spend the most time lathering, moisturizing and primping on!  Unfortunately we often forget that there's more to our skin than simply what we see.  

The inner skin.

It's roll is so important that it often determines the outcome of the outer skin.  

It contains the mucus membranes that line our respiratory, digestive and urinary passages.

And there's more.  The outer skin and the inner mucus membranes are linked together in their immune functions.  This is vital to understand because one affects the other.  The health of the inner membranes will directly influence the health of the external skin.  

We don't think of it, but many skin problems are actually a sign of poor health in the digestive tract, particularly the colon and liver. Constipation, sluggish liver function and the overgrowth of yeast or harmful bacteria in the colon will all adversely affect the health of the skin. 

Steven Horne says: (and get used to me quoting him and also promoting Nature's Sunshine Products....I love him and them!)  Horne said, "a basic health practice that keeps your skin glowing with good health is to 'clean up' your internal skin by doing some cleansing."  He suggests eating a clean diet and getting enough fiber along with adding in a little Psyllium Hulls Combination by Nature's Sunshine Products. 

He also suggests using blood purifiers and alteratives to help clear up skin conditions.  Chinese Liver Balance is great if hormones are imbalanced.  Ayurvedic Skin Detox or the 14 day Tiao He Cleanse by NSP might also be beneficial as overall organ cleanses.     

Yeast overgrowth might also be a cause of poor skin health.  I've been a victim of this awful bacteria.  Years ago my holistic journey began when a natural path performed a live blood analysis on me.   If you've ever had this done, you know it's fascinating.  He pricked the end of my finger and squeezed out a few drops of blood.  These drops were then magnified under a microscope and he started analyzing what he saw.  He saw all kinds of red blood cells and white blood cells and what they were doing.  Were they moving and doing what they should be doing?  Were there enough red blood cells?  Were there too many white blood cells?  Then he saw my finger.....why was it there???  Shouldn't yeast be in my gut?  Yes, it should, but it had gotten through the lining of my bowel and was in my blood stream -  the product of leaky gut.  Unfortunately, leaky gut is a common occurrence these days.  I was later told that leaky gut is often caused by intestinal parasites making pin prick sized holes through the lining of the bowel allowing them and all sorts of bad bacteria loose into the blood stream. 

This yeast and other bacteria that are now floating through our blood streams - even to the tip of my finger.... can wreak all sorts of problems anywhere in the body.  I had debilitating symptoms and was in bed for weeks so this isn't something to trifle with.  See a health care professional, natural path, herbalist or someone you trust in the medical field if you suspect candida overgrowth.  And to get you started, some NSP products to try for this are Candida Clear along with Probiotic Eleven.  

Another issue that can cause skin problems is how the body metabolizes fat.  Underneath the skin is a layer of fat that helps insulate the body and keeps us warm.  It also contains oil ducts called sebaceous glands that secrete a waxy oil substance called sebum.  Sebum may help protect the skin and are a part of what keeps skin feeling soft and smooth. 

If there are issues with fat metabolism or if there are fat-soluble irritants in the body, skin problems can develop.  The liver and thyroid are important organs of fat metabolism so if there are disturbances in those organs skin problems such as oily skin, dry skin, acne or itching often occur.  Here again, blood purifiers, especially Burdock, can be helpful along with seaweeds such as Liquid Dulse and Kelp, as they support the function of the thyroid.  

So if you're struggling with skin issues, take a look within.  You might find the answer!

(Note:  I'm not suggesting you try ALL these herbs at once, but taking one or two herbal combinations depending on your unique situation might be a good place to start.)


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