Solid Lotion

Solid Lotion


      Soft, supple hands.  Eczema deterred.  No more cracked knuckles or heels.  Flaky skin - gone!  Is any of that even possible?  

      The first ingredient in most body lotion is water.  That's why we end up applying and reapplying many times throughout the day.  But not with solid lotions.  Once a day is often enough to change your skin from dry to healthy!

      But how?  

      Solid lotions are concentrated hard lotions formulated only with butters and waxes that use body heat to melt onto the skin bringing deep moisture to the tissue while locking it in.

      And without the added water there's no need for a preservative!

      Our customers will tell you that even their dermatologist recommended medicated creams could not beat them!

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