Our Story

My name is Arlene Doherty and I am founder and partner with my husband, Kelly, of A’del Natural Cosmetics. The reason we started this cosmetic company came out of my own serious health concerns in 1999. At that time, instead of going the traditional medicine route, I chose a holistic lifestyle that included a clean diet and a regular herbal regiment which became the new normal for me and my family. My health was slowly and steadily restored and through the process we all gained knowledge and experience with natural medicines.This journey also brought me to challenge my own skin care routine. Although I had already switched over to mineral and healthier makeup, I discovered “natural” can be a confusing word. I figured the only way to get trusted ingredients that weren’t going to further harm my body and still be affordable, I needed to make them myself. As I did, others wanted to try these uniquely clean cosmetics, so we decided to incorporate our family owned and operated business in 2014.

Our Goal

Our goal in a final product is to use as few ingredients as necessary while maintaining high-end results, be as organic as possible and also be produced with as many minimally-processed ingredients as we can find. We hand-craft, artisan-make our cosmetics in small batches without the use of parabens, synthetic fragrances or preservatives, nano particles, petrol products or anything else on an ingredient list that’s difficult to pronounce. Because we search for high quality ingredients, our customers have found that our products have helped to reduce inflammatory conditions like acne and redness, protect against the effects of aging, calm eczema and stop cracked and bleeding hands in their tracks all because of God’s medicine cabinet.

Our Team




Head of Marketing / Photography

John Kelly

Owner / Manufacturing


Founder / Head of Research and Development


WebDesign / Administation