Your Skin State - which A'del skin care program is right for you?

3 step Luxury Skin Care Line? Blue Lagoon Line? Rose Line? Confused? Read on!

Our skin changes many times during our lifetime so what skin issues we're facing today might be very different than how it behaved or misbehaved yesterday!  So taking stock of your current skin state is a great way of figuring out what will work now.   

So let's get started!  

Normal Skin:  Your skin is the most versatile with products as it's neither dry or oily and doesn't have dry patches or a T-Zone so any of our products will bring lovely results!  I would suggest you start with the 3-step Luxury skin care program as it contains everything needed for a balanced skin care program.  Step 1 Cleanse is a lovely way to end your day and won't dry your skin out causing premature aging.  You'll love the hydrating mist of Step 2 Hydrate and the rich moisturizing oils in Step 3 that bring balance to the skin.  If you want to mix and match you could try the Blue Lagoon Hydrate or our Rose Mist instead of Step 2 and exchange Step 3 Moisturize for our beloved Blue Lagoon Face Balm or the Rose Serum.  It's your choice and since your skin is quite easy just find what you love and go for it!  

Extremely Dry Skin:  The drier the skin the more you’ll need slower absorbing oils. Our Luxury Skin Care 3-step program is the best option for you. Avocado Oil is thick and rich and slowly works its way deep into the skin to heal and nourish needy dehydrated cells so stick with Step 1 Cleanse.  You could easily exchange Blue Lagoon Hydrate or Rose Mist for Step 2 Hydrate if you prefer the scents but most people prefer Step 3 Moisturize for flaky skin woes!   

Oily Skin:  Although frustrating, oily skin simply needs balancing!  Make sure you steer clear of detergent based foamers to cleanse your skin as this will only cause your skin to dry out causing even more oil production and the cycle never breaks.  Opt rather for light cleansing oils that absorb quickly.  Our Blue Lagoon Skin Care Set would be perfect for you.  You can exchange the Blue Lagoon Hydrate for either Step 2 Hydrate or Rose Mist if you prefer Rose scent or the Roman Chamomile/Lavender blend to straight Lavender but I would stick with the Blue Lagoon Face Balm until your skin begins to relax in its oil production. After your skin becomes more balanced you can incorporate some of the other products into your morning or night routines.  

Combination Skin:  If you struggle with an oily T zone and dry flaky cheeks or forehead you're skin state is combo right now!  We've seen great balancing results with the 3 step Luxury Skin Care program.  It has the ability to balance both the dry patchy skin and calm the oily areas at the same time.  If you'd prefer the scent of rose or Roman Chamomile/Lavender blend try one of the other hydrating mists.  

Acne-Prone Skin:  Break outs are extremely frustrating and not everything works for you as you're well aware!  Sometimes your skin breaks out more!  Using oils that are known to calm things down is the best way to break this cycle.  Reach for the Blue Lagoon Skin Care Line.  The oils chosen are known for calming breakouts and keeping the skin calm.  Make sure you spend time massaging the oils into your skin for at least 1 minute and then use a hot wet washcloth to steam the skin.  This will ensure you've cleaned the pores deeply.  I wouldn't venture away from this program if it's working for you!   

Sensitive Skin:  Our Blue Lagoon Products were specifically formulated for those who have sensitive skin caused from heat, rosacea, acne, redness or any other inflammatory condition.  The oils used are light, calming and known to be gentle on the skin.  Blue Tansy essential oil is from the chamomile family so it's very calming to the skin and the extra perk is that the smell is amazing!  

Mature Skin:  The biggest hurdle as our skin ages is keeping it from looking dry. Hormones have changed a lot so dryness is inevitable. All of our products are designed to hydrate and moisturize so starting with the Luxury 3 step program and then mixing and matching with the other hydrating mists and moisturizers can easily be done.  Remember that the key to youthful skin is retaining moisture so don't use drying cleansers. Also, using our hydrating products on and around the eyes keeps the skin flexible, plump and healthy looking!   

Our skin care products are designed as once-a-day programs to be performed at night.  In the morning we suggest washing your face with warm water and then using one of the hydrating mists and one of the oil based moisturizers before applying foundation.  

And how about the Rose Mask?  Any of the skin types and conditions benefit from our Rose Mask.  It’s designed to help remove the buildup of toxins and debris along with keeping the skin toned so use it up to 2 times a week to revitalize those skin cells and keep your skin toxin load low!  

Just before I go let's talk quickly about our Moisturizing Facial Sticks!  These hard working sticks have worked for ALL skin types over the years and can easily be incorporated into your day as a concentrated moisturizer as well as a fantastic primer for our cream foundation!  It travels well and can double as a hand lotion! 

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