Why natural deodorant? Isn't it time to make the switch?

We know many of you come to us for different reasons.  Sometimes it's a positive pregnancy test that makes you switch to non toxic products or maybe even a negative one.  Ongoing health struggles or possibly a difficult diagnosis can make product changes become necessary. Other times it's just the fact that you're thinking about products you use every day differently than you used to.  For whatever reason you've come to us our goal is to keep our ingredients real and the list short.  

So creating a deodorant with clean ingredients became very important to us because conventional deodorants are one of the leading contributors to toxic overload.  Also our main lymph glands are found in the armpit area and breast tissue so keeping toxins away from here is vital. 

Traditional deodorants are filled with ingredients like fragrance, read about it here in my blog, aluminum and parabens that are linked to sickness and serious diseases.  Our bodies can handle occasional chemicals but the accumulative effect is what can add to poor health.  

But we switched out the triclosan, propylene glycol, phthalates and benzyl salicylate....what are those anyway, for non toxic alternatives such as beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, kaolin clay, zinc oxide, magnesium hydroxide, arrowroot powder and essential oils, which keep toxic buildup minimal and found it worked as good or better at keeping pits smelling great!  

Instead of going on and on about it I thought I'd leave it to the women who tested this product this past summer.  If you remember on instagram we played a little game  - guess what I'm making and the first few who are right will become part of the test team for this mystery product!  Many of you participated which made it so fun!  Thanks for playing along!  However only a few were chosen and let me tell you these lovely women from all ages and lifestyles were troopers as it was the heat of summer and they were taking a chance on A'del to keep them smelling great!  I'll share some of their findings with you.    

1. Blue Lagoon Review: (this women initially tried activated charcoal and then the blue lagoon)

First impression, amazing scent.  Floral but not at all over-powering. Great texture. Showered in afternoon, but fresh at bedtime. Fragrance lingered a few hours and loved it. Noticed this blue tansy deodorant seems smoother and able to rub into my skin easier. And I didn’t know it was possible to have a more soothing formula than the activated charcoal. Tempted to use this to sooth and heal razor burn on an area on my legs. Still loving the fragrances as well. Lasts a few hours. One application a day seems to offer great protection. As well, there is no transfer to my clothes. Tank tops to T-shirt, no white stains or oil residue like I’ve experienced with other natural deodorants. Been using this daily through Maine’s hottest and most humid/muggy week of the year thus far. Never had a natural deodorant work in this kind of hot and sticky weather. Overall incredibly pleased with this deodorant formulation. Rebekah

2.  Lemongrass Review: I've found it to be perfectly effective at preventing odor. There has only been one day that I needed to reapply, and that did the trick! I like the consistency and find it easy to apply. Diane

3.  Lemongrass Review. Loved the Lemongrass smell very light and fresh.  It applied easily for me Only had to apply in the morning ...it lasted all day even through workouts and walking in 90 plus degree weather (had to apply the "Native" brand more often). I really like your deodorant. It is cleaner and works so well for me.  I was glad I was able to try out this new product which will hopefully be added to your existing line....You hit it out of the park for me!!! Terri

4.  Lemongrass Review. The lemongrass deodorant smells AMAZING!! I have used it everyday for the past 10-12 days. It has worked amazing. It has withstood all my workouts, even in 100% humidity. I had to reapply 1-2 times throughout the day if I was walking around the college campus, but that was really about it. I have also noticed less underarm irritation. Emily

We're so happy that the trends are to swap out toxic products for healthy options and love that we can be a part of that journey with you!