Skin Care should be Luxurious - Part 1 - Cleanse

With all the creams, ointments, serums, lotions, oils and soaps all claiming to clear, improve, alter, take years off, remove wrinkles and  get you the love of your life, no wonder the general consumer is confused.  We all know we should do something about skin care, but what?

I'd like to share a few things I've learned over the years that just might help sort out some of the confusion.  

Let's start with the ugly.  You know those facial cleansers you've been using your whole life?  Many of them are detergent-based filled with toxic chemicals and preservatives and the accumulated effect of these ingredients have been wreaking havoc on your skin.  These unhealthy-based products are designed to strip oil from the skin without replenishing it, completely drying it out, which in turn signals the skin to make more oil. Then to add to that mess we're told to apply burning chemicals to our now dried out skin in order to avoid blemishes!  

But why would so many companies use products that actually damage skin instead of protect it?  Easy answer -'s so much cheaper when using man-made chemicals and with all those preservatives they last a lifetime so there's no money lost.  And of course we just learned about fragrances and the pass it gets in a final product.   So it's no wonder I see photos of people with chemicals burns on their faces probably caused from their skin care products or cosmetics.  

Now on to the pretty.  Oil Cleansing.  Oil based cleansing is oil-based...duh...but in stating the obvious it's clear that I'm not talking about detergent or alcohol-based skin care - both of which are naturally drying.  If you've never heard of it, Oil Cleansing has been around for centuries even though it's fairly new to our North American culture.

Fun Fact:  As part of a visit to the baths, ancient Romans rubbed olive oil into their skin and removed both the oil and any dirt with a strigil in hot plunge baths held in rooms known as Caldariums.  By the way a strigil is a terrifying looking tool used to scrape the skin during a bath....move over loofa!  But if you're like me, you'll need a Caldarium in your life! 

So let me explain.  Oil Cleansing with plant-based oils works on the premise that oil attracts oil. Take triglycerides for instance.  These are fats we need in moderate levels, but when they get out of control can wreak havoc with heart health.  So to lower them, what do doctors recommend? Eat more fish. Why?  It has been scientifically proven that when we ingest good fats, like from fish sources, the bad fats decrease in the blood stream bringing balance to your body.  Good fats combating bad fats. 

The same applies to skin.  Sunflower oil, castor oil and avocado oil, some of the good guys, will help draw out the bad oils (impurities left on the skin from over production, sweating, your makeup, etc.) and can be washed away.  In the end the good oils remain on the skin and balance is restored!  Amazing!  

Now if you're a little worried about putting oil on your skin don't be.  Oil alone will not bring you blemishes. There are several factors that cause pimples, zits and blackheads.  Hormones, bacteria, dead skin cells and the build up of them are true causes.  Our skin naturally produces oil so we don't want to fight a naturally occurring function.  Oil is there to protect our delicate skin, lubricate it and moisturize it.  The best thing to do is to work with it.  Bring it into balance.  Not conquer it!  

We have developed a Luxury Skin Care Line with this in mind.  Cleanse is the first step of 3 that gently removes dirt, oil and makeup while maintaining that delicate balance.  

It contains Certified Organic Castor Oil, which is the big-daddy when it comes to cleansing, along with Avocado Oil and Sunflower Oil (all certified organic) Our Avocado Oil is also green and thick....OK, maybe not what you wanted to read right now....but it shows just how unadulterated it is!  Hardly processed!  So when you pump Cleanse into your hand, that little green tint you'll see is this amazing oil. 

All our amber glass skin care bottles (which are renewable and recyclable) have carefully chosen ingredients that are certified organic, natural, wild-harvested or raw.  The quality can hardly be beat for nourishing, strengthening and cleansing in the healthiest, safest most effective way possible.   

One more important point is that we do not use Mineral Oil.   Many companies use Mineral Oil in cosmetics and skin care.  Unfortunately, Mineral Oil is a colorless and odorless oil that’s made from petroleum - as a by-product of the distillation of petroleum to produce gasoline.  It's inexpensive and lightweight BUT can easily clog pores.  Our oils are pure and natural not petroleum based!

So to use Cleanse, pump about 4 times in your dry palm (you'll discover what amount works for you) and gently massage the oils onto your face, over your eyes and down your neck.   Keep massaging for about 1-2 minutes.  Just take your time and enjoy the aroma and the process. Nightly rituals shouldn't be rushed.  By slowly enjoying the process it will help to wind down the body and mind preparing us for sleep.  

Next take a hot should be good and hot but not scalding, and lay the cloth on your face for about another minute. This will steam your skin, further opening up your pores allowing an even deeper clean while enjoying a little aromatherapy.  I had an esthetician tell me the other day that steaming the skin is the best way to open up the pores.  And with the high quality Lavender Essential Oil from Nature's Sunshine Products  it's the perfect solution to calming the skin and relaxing the mind.  No worries about some unknown fragrance (read the blog post on Fragrances)  burning or irritating your skin, there's only Lavender Essential Oil in it's purest, therapeutic form.  You can repeat with another hot cloth to even further cleanse down deep.  After it's cool, simply use the same cloth to remove any excess oil and makeup.   

You'll be surprised how effective this little process is in removing dirt, oil and makeup.  Even stubborn eye makeup!  One less product to buy.  

We have a customer who told us recently that she has set up a little station in her bathroom with washcloths in a basket all ready for the nightly routine.  I love that!

Just the other day I heard from another customer that said her true skin color is starting to come through and even out after using our skin care line for a couple of months.  She's even stopped wearing foundation regularly because of it!  That's impressive.  I don't know if that'll happen to you.......because I still wear foundation...:)...but I'm loving all the great success stories.

That's what you get from real ingredients!

Oh and I almost forgot!  We now have one-time use tear-away samples pouches so you can try it before purchasing.  

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