Skin Care should be Luxurious - Part 2 - Hydrate

As you may have noticed, some of our cosmetics and skin care solutions are unique.  That's because we have important criteria in mind when formulating a product.  It has to be filled with clean, read-able ingredients.  Easy, peasy, right?  Well,  kind of.....although it's not rocket science, (and you wouldn't want me working at NASA...😂)  it has taken hours of research and plenty of trial and error to finalize formulas that keep to our standard.  

Unfortunately the cosmetic industry packs pretty little bottles full of cheap synthetic ingredients to stabilize, thicken, emulsify and lubricate their products.  While those ingredients give a final product all the traits we're used to, I wasn't willing to use those "unwanteds" just because it was the norm.  

So Step 2 in our Luxury Skin Care Line is no exception.   


Notice we didn't call it a toner.  Toners tend to be alcohol-based and unfortunately alcohol is drying. It doesn't matter how oily your skin might be, the answer is NEVER to dry it out.  Drying out the skin causes premature wrinkles and sensitivity along with triggering the body to produce excess oil while it's attempting to combat the dryness!  So to keep skin plumped up we need to keep it hydrated.

To help do this we produced a hydrating spray made with Aloe Vera, not alcohol.  

Everybody knows that Aloe Vera is good for the skin - just get a sunburn.  After applying it your skin feels tight and cool, right?  Those are good side-effects.  The skin is being hydrated and relieved from the burn giving it a chance to heal quicker than left on it's own.  Also hydrating the skin helps additional oils and butters absorb more easily into the skin. That's crucial!

In the Natural Medicine Journal an article by Oliver Grundmann, BPharm, ms, PHD, says, "research shows that Aloe Vera is very effective at moisturizing the skin, so using it alone or in formulations is one way to increase hydration."  

I agree with Oliver.

Aloe Vera is filled with antioxidants and minerals that not only hydrate the skin but rejuvenate and restore it, so we used a huge dose of it along with glycerin and lavender essential oil.  That's it!  

You might wonder how we were able to bypass the preservatives in this you may already know, raw aloe vera eventually breeds bacteria.  But we found that if the mucopolysaccharide chain is removed - a chain of sugars that although beneficial, is the cause of rapid spoilage - we eliminate the need for any bacterial or mold preservative.  This leaves us with an Aloe Vera product that still has the amazing properties we want without needing to add a preservative!  When we discovered this, it was a game-changer for a preservative-free skin care line!

Of course, the scent of high quality Nature's Sunshine Products Lavender Essential Oil permeates this lovely little spray bottle and is a relaxing way to continue hydrating the skin. Lavender is well known for it's calming properties and for helping aid in a restful sleep, but Larissa Jones's, in her book "Aromatherapy for Body, Mind and Spirit", lists other key uses of Lavender that might surprise you:  acne, anxiety, bruises, burns, hair loss, hypertension, muscle spasms, sunburns, cuts, eczema and psoriasis, infection, inflammation, insect bites, rash, itchy skin, scars, wounds and others!  So much more than a good night's sleep - although I'll take that!

I know even three steps can be a chore for some of us who simply want to drop into bed at the end of a long day.  But don't skip Hydrate!  It's a vital part in preparing the skin to accept and absorb the nutrient dense oils in Step 3.

So to use it, after you've cleansed your skin with Step 1, spray a few times directly on your face or if you'd rather, spray it in the palm of your hand or even on a cotton ball and gently massage it all over your face and neck.    

But that's not all you can do with this spray bottle!  Being a multi-use product, try it as a setting spray after applying makeup, particularly if you use loose foundation and if your skin feels a little parched or dry throughout the day, spray once or twice directly on your face for a calming and nourishing "pick-me-up".  

My husband even uses it after shaving to calm his skin.  

The soothing, luxurious effect Hydrate has is something you'll appreciate more and more as you regularly use it.  


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